Antoine Campbell

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Born September 29, 1988 (age 35) Washington D.C.

Nationality African American

Other names ceo929

Citizenship United States

Occupation Entrepreneur/Real Estate Investor/Business Consultant/Author

Organization Antoine Campbell Enterprise/Antoine Campbell University/

Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)

Spouse(s) LaShawn Campbell

Children 2


Antoine M. Campbell Sr. (born 29 September 1988), also known as ceo929, is an African American entrepreneur, real estate investor, and business consultant. He is the founder of four virtual businesses: Antoine Campbell Enterprise, Antoine Campbell University. and Maurant Ventures that he runs remotely from Maryland along with operating a real estate business.[1] Campbell is known for his inspirational story of creating outsourcing businesses that help other entrepreneurs to grow at scale by focusing on their primary business and not just operations.[2][3]

Campbell is a renowned professional business Coach who has assisted a number of industry specialists in growing their companies. He has more than two decades of experience managing a variety of enterprises, including a coaching firm, a real estate firm, a network marketing firm, and an investment firm.[4]

He is often seen at conferences, events, and on podcasts on the topic of business, brand management, network marketing, and investment.[5]

Early life and education

Campbell was born on 29 September 1988 in Washington DC.[6] When he was nine years old, Campbell started taking odd jobs like sweeping floors and stacking drinks in the fridge at his local corner store. That summer, he also helped his grandfather with his real estate business. It was then Campbell developed a passion for the industry and decided to shape his future endeavors in becoming a real estate investor and entrepreneur.

Campbell graduated from Crossland High School in 2007 and then decided to embark on his entrepreneurial journey.


Just when Campbell was entering the real estate industry with the aim to start his business, the market crashed which resulted in him postponing his idea and taking a job at a hotel. Campbell worked for over seven years in the hotel industry, simultaneously saving funds to eventually see his plan of becoming a real estate entrepreneur through.[7]

As of 2021, Campbell owns a real estate company in Maryland U.S. Apart from that, he has also founded three virtual businesses - a training platform, a software company, and an eCommerce company that operates in an almost auto-pilot fashion.[8]

Campbell has become a well-known business consultant and coach that assists his clients in growing their businesses, boosting their brand recognition, and increasing their ROI. Campbell's professional training institute is regarded for assisting individuals to acquire financial stability in a short period of time. He has received attention for a number of projects and their value propositions that are crucial to his company.[9]


Antonie Campbell is an accomplished author known for his insightful work in the field of leadership and management. His book, "The Art of Delegation," delves into the intricacies of effective delegation in the workplace, offering practical strategies and techniques for empowering teams and maximizing productivity.

The Art of Delegation

The VA(Virtual Assistant) Blueprint

The Lead Generation Revolution

Virtual Wholesaling Blueprint

Personal life

Campbell is married to LaShawn Campbell, and the couple has two boys. During his free time, Campbell enjoys an occasional cigar while listening to some audiobooks and spending time with his family and friends

In the media


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